Mexico, with more than 42 million international visitors a year is the second most important tourist destination in America and is between the seventh and eighth worldwide. In this context, the Riviera Maya occupies the first place. Likewise, the Riviera Maya is home to a large number of species of flora and fauna, as well as its ecosystems that range from jungles, lagoons, lakes, rivers that flow into the ocean, to the mangroves (extremely important water concentrations for the region, its inhabitants and the same species).

Despite the natural wonders that the Riviera Maya offers, sadly, the Caribbean Sea is considered the second sea most contaminated by plastics in the world. It is the flow of tourists, locals and the bad waste management system that exists in the entities along the Riviera Maya that threatens both ecosystems and their inhabitants constantly. This too, is already having a negative impact on the economic flow of the country.

Riviera Maya Key Facts

On average 100 tons of plastic waste is produced per day, and in high season up to 170 tons per day
(per entity, approximately)


Population has increased from
536,000 to 1,172,000

Cruise ship passengers have increased from
7.7 million to 24 million

Land use for tourism has increased from
7,000 to 24,344 hectares