November 2019

Riviera Maya

Swim Against Plastic

World-record swim
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Plastic Oceans Mexico and Tommy Hilfiger have partnered for Swim Against Plastic: Riviera Maya, a campaign to raise awareness about excessive plastic use and plastic pollution. In November, three Mexican swimmers will join forces to attempt swimming 74.4 miles (120 kilometers) in the open water, from Punta Allen to Playa del Carmen, along Mexico’s iconic Riviera Maya coastline.

The event also consists of a series of activities with the community, including education workshops, beach cleanups, installation of water filtration systems in schools, delivery of stainless steel water bottles for students, and a closing ceremony where the swimmers will be welcomed and celebrated by the local community, Arturo Islas and the media channels. 

The Location


Located on the Caribbean Sea, Punta Allen and Playa del Carmen are part of the Riviera Maya of Mexico. It covers about 140 kilometers in length starting from the northern part of Isla Blanca, to the town of Punta Allen in the south, located in the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Punta Allen, by itself, is a land overhang that marks the limit of the Ascension Bay, considered part of the municipality of Tulum. Also, Playa del Carmen, is the head of the municipality of Solidaridad, located south of Cancun. Both cities heavily rely on the tourism industry for their economic survival. 


One of Mexico's
highest concentrations of PLASTIC POLLUTION
Thousands of miles away
Up to 170 tons of plastic waste
Caused by
growing tourism and population


Roberto Del Rio

Roberto del Río

Roberto del Río is a 23-year old from Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico who is currently training for the Olympics. He came in first place overall at the 2019 OCEANMAN Cozumel, and both second place overall and first place in his category for the OCEANMAN Lake LEmman. Roberto was awarded the 2017 State Youth Prize and 2016 State Sports Athlete of the Year in Morelos, Mexico. He will participate alongside his sister and fellow swimmer, Mariana del Río. Roberto serves as a spokesperson and representative for the United Nations Commission. Social Media: Instagram @robertodlr, Twitter @RioRoberto.

Mariana del Rio

Mariana del Río is a 24-year old from Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico who has been an open-water swimmer since she was 11-years old. She has come in first place for the last 12 consecutive years in statewide swimming competitions in Morelos, Mexico. Mariana will participate alongside her brother and fellow swimmer, Roberto del Río. She recently earned a degree in marketing. Social Media: Instagram @mariana_delrioc.

Karina Almanza

Karina Yasmín Almanza

Karina Yasmín Almanza is a 39-year old open-water Triple Crown swimmer and certified diver who swims for social and environmental causes. She earned the Triple Crown in 2018 for swimming more than a combined 71.3 miles (115 kilometers) in the Catalina Chanel (Southern California, U.S.), English Channel (between France and England) and around Manhattan (New York, U.S.). Social Media: Instagram @karalmanza.

The three swimmers will undertake a 74.4-mile journey (120 kilometers), in the Riviera Maya of Mexico, from Punta Allen to Playa del Carmen. Each must reach a 24.8-miles distance (40 kilometers) by swimming continuously. They begin Friday at 5 in the morning, ending on Saturday around 3 in the afternoon. It is estimated that the Caribbean waters during these dates bring temperate currents and that the currents reach speeds between 2 and 3 knots from South to North.


74.4 miles
around the perimeter of the maya riviera
35 hours
In the water
1 passionate non‑profit
Creating a wave of change
1 great cause
to raise awareness about plastic pollution
3 Amazing Athletes

Meet Our Campaign Ambassador - Arturo Islas Allende

Arturo Islas Allende is a 32-year-old Mexican, who has been an actor, producer and speaker for a decade. He is a passionate environmentalist, his mission in life is to raise public awareness about the environmental damage that our planet is currently experiencing; as well as finding and working on solutions to correct this problem that all concerns.

Arturo is currently the ambassador of the campaign Make It Possible – Swim Against Plastic on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Tommy Hilfiger in Mexico and in partnership with Plastic Oceans Mexico he joins the movement to change the way we think about plastic , by supporting the implementation of the program “RETHINK. REFILL” which takes place in public schools and vulnerable communities in the country.

He has been awarded in the state of Guanajuato with the oldest international prize for environmental activism by the creators of the INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF THE ENVIRONMENT (FICMA) which year after year recognizes different environmental activists from around the world.